The Joy of Sample Sales

This week has been mostly dedicated to attending sample sales – Erdem, Joseph and Christopher Kane – as well as one ‘Fashion Jumble Sale’. The sample sales were all fantastic and very different. The Erdem sale was held at The Future Gallery in Covent Garden and was full of sales assistants drafted in from the store. The clothes were on neat rails arranged by size and divided into dresses, skirts, trousers, shirts and jackets. It was incredibly well organised and made for an extremely pleasant shopping experience. Of course there was a communal changing area but there were 2 or 3 big mirrors and more helpful sales assistants giving advice. In fact it was just like being in a shop, to the point that oen sales assistant took my items off my hands and took them to the changing room so that I could browse more freely. I was extremely tempted by a pink silk chiffon shirt (pictured below) for £160, but ended up resisting the temptation and moving on to the Joseph sale on South Molton Lane.

The Joseph sale was a different story entirely. They were selling mostly Joseph items but there was also a lot from other brands too, such as Stella MacCartney, J Brand, and Phillip Lim. The clothes had no real order, except Joseph on one side and everything else in the middle, but they were all mixed up and jumbled. If you were willing to do some searching, there were some seriously good pieces to be found. For example, there were some lovely Versus dresses and an incredible pair of leather leggings by Givenchy for £300 (may sound like a lot but that is a bargain!). The changing area was tiny and there was only one small mirror for the 10 or so people in there, a stark contrast to the organisation of Erdem which preceded it. In the end I bought a pair of Joseph charcoal grey silk tuxedo trousers with a pale pink ribbon running down the length on either leg for a mere £20.

Next I went to what was advertised as a ‘Designer Jumble Sale’ on Bryanston Street, but left after a quick once round as it wasn’t quite what I had expected.

The next day (Thursday 31st) was the Christopher Kane sample sale in Covent Garden, this time held on Mercer Street. Doors opened at 12.30 and I arrived at around quarter past with my sister to join the forming queue of serious fashionistas, which didn’t come as a big surprise. This was an organised event too, a bouncer on the door allowed only a few people in at a time to control the amount inside and all the clothes were categorised on rails by item and season. For example a sign on the end of a rail would say something like ‘women’s cashmere, Resort 11, £500 £60′. The sale was mostly of t-shirts and knitwear from his Galaxy collection, as well as the famous aqua clutch bags and more recent neon laser cut clutches. I came away a very happy customer with a purple lava print silk cashmere cardigan for £40 and orange galaxy print silk cashmere jumper for £60. All in all, a successful few days!

 Orange Galaxy Print Jumper

The Aqua Clutch


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