Butler & Wilson

Costume jewellery – it’s big, it’s bold and it’s brilliant. There’s nowhere quite like Butler & Wilson where you can find big, sparkling, over-the-top jewels and wacky, ever so slightly creepy jewellery. Not for the faint hearted, the majority of their pieces are eye-catching but luckily not eye-wateringly expensive. A win win situation. Such jewellery can be worn with anything but its real strength lies in taking a plain outfit from the everyday to a much higher level. Below are my favourite pieces at the moment.

Crystal Art Deco Pendant on Double Chain Necklace – £58

Big Art Deco Crystal Drop Earrings – £98

Crystal and Ball Band Necklace – £78 – How stunning would this look over the collar of a t-shirt?

3D Crystal Crown Ring – £38

Crystal Umbrella Drop Earrings – £48

Double Hand Wrap Bangle – £68

Hand with Crystal Skull Shoulder Brooch – £58

This particular piece is not to everyone’s taste (it’s certainly not something I’d usually go for), but in person, it is completely fabulous. The brooch is curved in such a way that you position it over your shoulder so you can either have a creepy hand resting on your shoulder or fingers coming down from your shoulder. A plain outfit would be transformed into something Daphne Guinness would be proud of with the addition of this wonderfully wacky brooch.

The last 2 pieces aside, does it not remind you of the latest Dior Joaillerie collection? Of course the price tags and quality of jewel may differ slightly…

Speaking of Dior jewellery, their new line of bejewelled watches is simply divine.

All Butler & Wilson images from their website

Dior images from www.tatler.ru

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