Mankles, Mankles, Go Away, Please Don’t Say You’re Here To Stay

Mankles, they’re all around us. From the catwalk at Margaret Howell, to celebrities like Jude Law, Mankles remain firmly in the fashion spectrum. But should they? I often find that the lack of sock required for the Mankle leaves the wearer looking as though he was in a rush in the morning and forgot to get dressed properly. There is something luxurious about a proper shoe/sock combination that gives a man a gentlemanly air. With so many possible sock choices available, it leaves the Mankle seeming unimaginative and dull. Let us compare a  photo of a well dressed man flashing his Mankles with that of one sporting socks with his chic cropped, skinny trousers.

This man, photographed on the streets of Milan, means business with his sharp tailoring and excellent clutch bag. However, when you catch sight of his bare ankles, they seem totally out-of-place with the smartness of his outfit and leave this look lacking. Maybe it’s the bent knee pose but he also looks like a little boy who feels a bit lost.

Now compare him to this Londoner who is also sporting a super slick suit and beautiful coat. He looks the full package and much smarter as there is no unnerving flash of flesh around the feet.

In my opinion men should embrace socks as they can say a lot about an outfit and add something to it. If your workplace calls for a smart, dark, plain suit, a stylish man who likes colour in his life can add just that with a flash of something bright above his shoe. Menswear designer E. Tautz showed everyone exactly how to work that look at his SS13 runway show as does this wonderful Parisian man.

The sock shoe combination offers endless possibilities. Add a blue or yellow sock to a brown shoe for a complimentary pairing, or, for the braver male style fans, colour block your outfit with clashing shoes and socks.

And let’s not forget the most statement-making style of sock – patterned!

Socks offer men huge style opportunities and they should stop looking like boys who have outgrown their school uniform (see Thom Browne), realise their potential and start donning those socks again!

Thom Browne

For more help, see this excellent article –

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