How I’d Style It: Alice Eve

British blonde bombshell Alice Eve recently took to the red carpet for the premiere of her new film Lawless in a sexy secretary monochrome ensemble. Whilst she looked good, it is an outfit which can be improved upon. Her embellished skirt is the stand out piece, around which I’d restyle the look.

She went down the right route by keeping her white top simple, however a t-shirt just won’t cut it on the red carpet. Instead, a silk shirt would have been much better, like one of these from the go-to label for silk shirts, Equipment.

As for her choice of shoe, they’re just too fussy and detract from the skirt. Normally I’d be an advocate for a colour pop but Miss Eve is giving us that with her lip colour so in this case, let’s stick with black. There’s no denying that Alice Eve is one sexy lady; in order to emphasise this her best option (but most unimaginative) would be  a Christian Louboutin Pigalle pump. Personally, I would choose the Stella McCartney wooden sandal as it gives a slight edge to the look without taking too much from the skirt. A Miu Miu sandal is also a solid option.

Alice has done her hair, glasses, make up and jewellery in the perfect low-key, no effort, ‘I always look this good’ manner so she needs no improvement there.

Let’s be honest, this post is a bit pointless because she’s so sexy that it doesn’t really matter what she wears.

Images from Vogue and Net-a-Porter


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