Wedding Belles

Every girl loves a wedding dress, whether she admits it or not. It is quite possibly the most important item she’ll ever own, which seems a bit ridiculous seeing as she will only wear it for roughly 3 hours and it is likely to cost more than any other item she owns. Even so, we love ’em. So here are some of the best from the big (and small) screen:

One of Julia Robert’s 4 weddings in the Runaway Bride and by far the best dress. This particular number (along with all the dresses in the film) was made by Albert Wolsky, and has a Dior look about it.

An unconventional choice of length by Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face.

When Charlotte York married Trey in Sex and the City, she wore this stunning Vera Wang gown. It’s a shame the marriage didn’t last as her 2nd wedding dress isn’t nearly as nice.

Charlotte’s BFF Carrie in her iconic Vivienne Westwood gown. Marred by the dead bird in her hair.

When Bella married Edward in the latest Twilight instalment, she wore a beautifully simple Carolina Herrera gown. A very elegant choice. It’s a pity this was staged and we’ll now never see the real wedding. Thanks a lot, K-Stew.

Anne Hathaway won the wedding dress battle in Bride Wars with her Vera Wang number.

Laura’s classic 50s silhouette in Pan Am.

And how could we forget this number…


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