How I’d Style It: Emma Watson

At the première of The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Emma Watson debuted a Dior Couture look which has divided the Nation’s opinion. Half of us love it and half dislike or don’t quite understand it. I am in the love camp. However I do have issues with the look as a whole.

Whilst the outfit is elegant and beyond chic, the trousers could be, and were on the catwalk, slightly cropped. The top too would benefit from being a tiny bit shorter. The main issue though is not the clothes at all; she needs to sort out that hair and make up. Her hair screams “I’m a 5-year-old at a grown up party”. It has so obviously been curled and looks too perfect. In my opinion, Emma should have channelled the Alexa Chung messy bob look. This would make her look more her age and less like a little girl trying on her mummy’s clothes. Either of the following two looks by Miss Chung provide the perfect hair and make up to offset this outfit.

One last thing, the delicate Tiffany necklace gets lost here. She needs a big, bold, statement necklace to lift the outfit and make it more youthful. A big Dior Joaillerie ring wouldn’t go a miss either (obviously not with a big necklace though).

Butler & Wilson


So there you have it, a beautiful ensemble marred by little girl hair, make up and jewellery.

The outfit on the catwalk

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2 thoughts on “How I’d Style It: Emma Watson

  1. I agree with basically everything you said here. At first I liked it mainly because I wanted to because I just like her, but it really could be improved upon especially by a shorter length trouser and one of the featured neckaces.

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