Ulyana Sergeenko – La Poupée Russe

With impeccable personal style and an unapologetically elegant touch as a couture designer, Ulyana Sergeenko (Ульяна Сергеенко) is definitely worthy of her title from Russian Glamour as ‘Trendsetter of the Year’.

Her couture collection, shown during Paris Fashion Week back in July, was an homage to more the reserved Russian style of the Soviet era, and was influenced greatly by her Baba (grandmother) Sonja. Russian women have a reputation for lavishing themselves in logos, brands and bling; this was a way of greeting the new world post-Soviet era. Ulyana is a breath of fresh, nostalgic air in a sea of women dripping in ‘look-at-me’ bad taste clothes. Her clothes do not come cheap, a dress sells for around €17,000 while a coat is €28,000. A lot of work goes into each piece though, with hidden belts, weighted hems and bustles to make sure that everything hangs perfectly.

There is a risk of Ulyana’s creations having a costume feel, due to their heavy influence and references to the past. However she keeps them on the right side of the fence and they leave the wearer looking beyond ladylike – impeccably dressed, modest yet oh so fashionable.

Ulyana’s personal style is testament enough to her eye. She is always the best dressed at any event and the envy of the FROW. Outfit changes are a big part of her life and she is outdone only in this respect by Anna Dello Russo (a fan of her work):

Anna Dello Russo in Ulyana Sergeenko Couture at Carine Roitfeld’s Le Bal

One to keep your eye on come next Paris Couture Week, with taste like this, Ulyana is here to stay. That is so long as her husband, Russian billionaire Danil Khachaturov, is still able to finance the line (all credit to Ulyana – she did break even in her first year).

images from style.com, tommy ton, olympia le tan


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