Sandro Lookbook – SS’13

Feminine yet androgynous, relaxed yet smart, sporty yet chic; Sandro has it all. From here on in, I’m saving my money until I live in Paris, and then I’m just going to buy everything.


zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK25_zpsdff98e23 zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK24_zpsb224aa56 zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK23_zps283fdec9 zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK22_zpse897500e zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK21_zps69f77cc0 zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK18_zpsbe467b48 zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK17_zps5320b18e zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK16_zpse6ffa048 zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK15_zps8d5df82a zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK14_zpsdf49cf90 zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK13_zps6aace130 zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK12_zps16df3150 zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK11_zps6ab9a515 zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK10_zps10f63b55 zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK9_zpscf3c73f3 zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK8_zps1b73f263 zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK7_zpsf9cc57e6 zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK6_zps1ef55cfb zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK5_zpse1c69c42 zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK4_zpsc7ba0834 zoomSANDRO_F_PE13_LOOK3_zpsb7df5ac6 SandroSS13

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