Trousers in Paris? Mon Dieu!


Paris, welcome to the 21st century at long last. As of January 31st, an ancient, and somewhat bizarre, law is no longer in place. Not just any old law, this one banned women in Paris from wearing trousers. The French were lenient though, a Parisian woman could wear her trousers if, and only if, she was “holding a bicycle handlebar or the reins of a horse”. Or if she plucked up the courage to ask the police if she might be allowed to “dress as a man”, i.e. wear trousers, that very unisex item of clothing.

Shocking, no? Parisian women have been wearing trousers apparently illegally for a good while now, but fear not, you no longer need to worry about being locked up should you choose to don your cigarette trousers, palazzo pants or boyfriend jeans and stilettos in the French capital. Thank the sartorial gods for Yves Saint Laurent, who boldly showed a woman wearing a trouser suit in 1966, making trousers unisex, and not something which us ladies need permission to wear.


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