Thank You, Mrs Prada.

Miuccia Prada is a force to be reckoned with. Season after season, she and her team provide us lucky fashion-loving folk with a smorgasbord of covetable clothes to pine over and her latest collection, Autumn/Winter 2013, is no exception. In fact, there are those (cough cough) who might herald it as one of her best seasons of late. If the Spring/Summer 2013 collection seemed a little wacky and not as accessible, this new offering is the antithesis to that; look after look, out came the most wearable, beautiful, classic-yet-modern clothes. Miuccia showed 49 looks (whittled down from an original 70), and, controversially given the recent penchant for them over skirts, there was not a pair of trousers in sight. Classic cocktail dress looks were dressed down by layering a soft jumper underneath them, hems were left looking unfinished and shoulders were bared. The collection was innately Prada, showing the classic oversized bags, platform heels and belted waists seen many times before – it was old school, but made modern with new elements such as the lopsided hems. These hems, coupled with the bedraggled hair and slouchy shoulders, seemed to create the idea of the Prada woman with a ‘devil may care’ attitude. She was slightly undone, yet perfectly put together; a contrast depicted by the mix of fabrics, such as a tweed dress with beaded chiffon draping off it. The great designer described the collection as “a lot of things I really like”; well Miuccia, I think you and I have very similar tastes.




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