A Midsummer Night’s Dream Hair

Having recently been introduced to the life-consuming wonder that is Game of Thrones, life has been infiltrated with new inspirations for flowing summer hairstyles. There is only one household to blame for this – House Targaryen. Both Viserys and Daenerys are blessed with hair so blonde it’s almost white, through which runs a beautiful soft wave. Not only that, they have mastered the art of the plait (or the hairstylists on set have).


Viserys undeniably has the cooler hairstyle, sitting just above his shoulders, the kind of hair I would love to work this summer, but alas I do not have a stylist at my disposal day and night to make it look that perfect.


Just a quick tangent whilst on the subject of Danaerys: the costume designer should be congratulated for their (deliberate or not) nod to Alexander Wang in some of her outfits. The outfit below is particularly Wang-esque due to the reptilian material, structure and strap detailing across the chest.


Back to hair though, and the stuff dreams are made of; the ultimate in summer hair goes to Drew Barrymore and her bubblegum pink mane.


Evidently this is not the easiest shade to work, in terms of both the upkeep and limitations to clothing colour. But hey, when your hair looks like that, it’s totally worth it.



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