Prints, please

How many prints is too many prints? Given that to most, a printed dress is scary enough, the answer is probably just one. However, fellow fun fabric connoisseurs/lovers of potentially bad taste – call it what you will – may agree that anything upwards of two clashing prints, and the day is looking good. Throw in some lurid colours for good measure and you are onto a winner, fashion friends.

Prints, please

The key is to have a classic foundation; pair a white-based Breton with a cropped dark tartan trouser, with flashes of red a yellow running through it, and you have a solid foundation to work with. Now we can start to have fun. On top of this, how about a crazy take on the perfecto with the black given new dimensions by a melange of green, orange and white? This is probably a good place to end, unless you also feel that the addition of possibly Nike‘s most offensive pair of shoes will add a certain je ne sais quoi. If nothing else, a jaunty juxtaposition of colour, print and texture will have you smiling all day long (as well as scaring and shocking Parisians, my current favourite game).

Nike Air

The aforementioned Nike trainers

Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter are all about prints, so now is the time to try, experiment and maybe even fail. That’s where the fun lies and that’s where your style lies. As Lucinda Chambers, British Vogue fashion director, said “You need to get to know yourself and what works for you; it’s all about trial and error“. Style shouldn’t be daunting, it’s a way to express your creativity, passion and energy. You should never be afraid to try new things, because yes, new ensembles may often crash and burn, but somewhere in there you’ll find what you love, what makes you comfortable and what makes you you. What’s the point in being part of the crowd and following someone else’s style? In the end, you won’t feel comfortable or confident, and that’s what you’ll portray to others. London is renowned as being the home of fearless fashion, which is why London will always be the best; it is the nurturing ground of the young and talented, and yes, more often than not you may look twice at someone in the street because their look is so totally alien and wrong, but when people are looking at you twice in the street, that’s when you know you’re doing something good.

If your own outfit inspires you to write, you must be doing something right…or very, very wrong. Either way, I’m happy with that.

Prada Spring/Summer 2011

Prada Spring/Summer 2011

Marc Jacobs resort 2013

Marc Jacobs Resort 2013

Susie Bubble & Other Stories

Susie Bubble & Other Stories


Thank You, Mrs Prada.

Miuccia Prada is a force to be reckoned with. Season after season, she and her team provide us lucky fashion-loving folk with a smorgasbord of covetable clothes to pine over and her latest collection, Autumn/Winter 2013, is no exception. In fact, there are those (cough cough) who might herald it as one of her best seasons of late. If the Spring/Summer 2013 collection seemed a little wacky and not as accessible, this new offering is the antithesis to that; look after look, out came the most wearable, beautiful, classic-yet-modern clothes. Miuccia showed 49 looks (whittled down from an original 70), and, controversially given the recent penchant for them over skirts, there was not a pair of trousers in sight. Classic cocktail dress looks were dressed down by layering a soft jumper underneath them, hems were left looking unfinished and shoulders were bared. The collection was innately Prada, showing the classic oversized bags, platform heels and belted waists seen many times before – it was old school, but made modern with new elements such as the lopsided hems. These hems, coupled with the bedraggled hair and slouchy shoulders, seemed to create the idea of the Prada woman with a ‘devil may care’ attitude. She was slightly undone, yet perfectly put together; a contrast depicted by the mix of fabrics, such as a tweed dress with beaded chiffon draping off it. The great designer described the collection as “a lot of things I really like”; well Miuccia, I think you and I have very similar tastes.




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When Pudsey Met Katie

Following the success of the Louis Vuitton Pudsey bear last year (it sold for £36,000 at auction), Children In Need have enlisted the help of Katie Grand, editor of LOVE magazine, and the biggest names in fashion to give Pudsey the ultimate fashion transformation. That polka dot eye patch is history; the likes of Mulberry, Prada, Tom Ford, Missoni and many others have all put their unique and sartorial stamp on the much-loved bear in an effort to raise money for Children In Need this year. Indeed Balenciaga love Pudsey so much, they’ve given him not one, but five different makeovers! The one-off bears will be auctioned at Christie’s in November but for now, they can be seen on display in Selfridges (of course, it is the best, and most fashion-forward, department store of the lot). It’s worth going along to see them all just so that you can say you were a witness to the most stylish teddy bear’s picnic ever to have taken place. Selfridges are also selling small versions of the Paul Smith and Anya Hindmarch bears, along with one of their own design. I will definitely be getting my hands on one of these cute fashion icons.

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