The New Lace

Lace has been around for ages, and frankly, I’m bored of it. It all looks the same and you can guarantee that at any wedding you attend this summer, there are bound to be throngs of women dressed just like this (incidentally, nude dress, hat, bag and shoes is not a good look):

Been there, done that, got the picture quite a few years ago now. Although it is the trend that will not go away, there are some designers and shops savvy enough to rework it into a fresh look. They have revived lace and made it exciting and stylish again, not passé and predictable. Preen, for example, have the Ingrid pencil dress, featuring the standard lace you see everywhere but in metallic blue over an orange silk background. Unexpected and refreshing. The flashes of orange at the neck, waistline and knee break it up perfectly.

Stella McCartney as always is way ahead of the game and has taken the lace look to a whole new level by printing it onto silk. This is a completely new and exciting idea which I certainly haven’t seen before. The silk print is used for trousers, a t-shirt, a shirt and a dress.

Unfortunately, such ideas haven’t made it onto the high street yet but there are still different ways to work lace out there. Richard Nicholl’s bridal collection for Topshop features lace in a different way, not the usual flowery type we are now used to seeing everywhere. The lace on the dress below reminds me of a something a child produces when they have just discovered pencils and paper.

Hopefully more designers will start to realise that many of us are over the lace dresses that have been around for years, and will follow suit to bring about a new era for this delicate fabric.