Unexpected, Therefore Fashion

What does this riddle of a title mean exactly? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. When an outfit has an unexpected twist, it leaves the realms of the everyday and becomes stylish, becomes a statement. Breaking the mould is easier than we think.

Take the recent trend of buttoning shirts up all the way to the top. Whereas the preppy Ralph Lauren 3 buttons undone look was once favoured, shirts fully buttoned are now a go to look for women everywhere. This was a new, unexpected twist on the shirt. Unfortunately said look has become so widespread that is no longer falls under the heading ‘unexpected, therefore fashion’. It has had its day, as most trends inevitably do. Fans of this look can keep it up however, simply add a statement gold necklace over the shirt to give it some interest.


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Anna Dello Russo’s Fashion Rules

Anna Dello Russo has taken the time out of her busy schedule of adorning herself in show-stopping clothes, head pieces, sunglasses and jewellery to make a little song with 10 of her fail-safe fashion rules. The 3 below resonated most with me. Give it a listen, you might learn something new…

Lesson number 3: Fashion is always uncomfortable. If you feel comfortable, you never get the look.

Lesson number 5: Wearing night clothes in the day time is unexpected.

Lesson number 6: Somebody wearing the same outfit? Wonderful, you made the right choice.

How You’d Style It: Maje Samy Jacket

Due to the fact that I am currently doing a wonderful internship and don’t have time to blog as much as usual, I thought it would be fun to try something new. Normally I write a post about how I might style a certain item but now it’s your turn, faithful readers.

When in France, I bought a lovely jacket from one of my favourite French labels, Maje. I want everyone and anyone to comment on this post telling me how I should wear it. If I think one person’s suggestion is particularly good, I will post that too. Don’t be shy, get your stylist thinking-caps on and comment below telling me how to wear my beautiful new coat!


Mankles, Mankles, Go Away, Please Don’t Say You’re Here To Stay

Mankles, they’re all around us. From the catwalk at Margaret Howell, to celebrities like Jude Law, Mankles remain firmly in the fashion spectrum. But should they? I often find that the lack of sock required for the Mankle leaves the wearer looking as though he was in a rush in the morning and forgot to get dressed properly. There is something luxurious about a proper shoe/sock combination that gives a man a gentlemanly air. With so many possible sock choices available, it leaves the Mankle seeming unimaginative and dull. Let us compare a  photo of a well dressed man flashing his Mankles with that of one sporting socks with his chic cropped, skinny trousers.

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K-Midi’s Perfect Dress

Is this not the most perfect dress for the Duchess of Cambridge? It comes from Roksanda Ilincic’s Pre Fall 2012 Collection and it has everything Kate loves – a nude tone, appropriate knee-length, long sleeves, form-fitting but in a classy way and an accentuated waist. Better than that, it has some fashion potential! The blue frilled cuff adds a much-needed shot of electric colour into an otherwise drab dress. Kate could wear what she’s most comfortable in whilst giving us an unexpected dose of fashion detailing. The only small problem is that Princess Beatrice has already worn this dress, but having said that, Kate was happy to don a dress for the Jubilee pageant which had already been worn by Tulisa and Kim Kardashian. Somehow I think sharing a dress with Beatrice would not seem too dreadful to the Duchess.

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