Patty Pitt #3

American BBQ restaurant Pitt Cue Co and the best burger in town came together for the third Patty Pitt collaboration, last night in London.

When mouth-watering meaty burger joint Patty & Bun joined forces with the flavours of Pitt Cue Co for a third round of Patty Pitt, queues on James Street lasted for up to two and a half hours. The much-talked about collaboration melds the succulent aged patties that have put Joe Grossman’s burger joint on the map with the classically smoky flavours of Pitt Cue Co’s American barbecue-inspired dishes, resulting in the Lovechild, also known as the best burger ever eaten. Think perfectly pink meat, piled with red Leicester cheese and pickles in a soft Mangalitsa brioche bun, all topped off with tender pulled pork.

The other two creations on the menu: Beef by Dre, an ode to all things bovine with the addition of bone marrow and ox cheek for some meat magic. And for the larger appetite, a double patty, double cheese and secret sauce Big Patty Mac Stack, described as a “Big Mac on crack”. Sides included Duck Nuggets, Caramel Ribs and a slaw, washed down with your choice of Pineapple Caipirinha, Rumpoldfashioned or a selection of beers.

The excitement and appreciation for the partnership was palpable, with the cosy joint brimming with the most satisfied customers delighting in the flavour explosions. The staff coped with the huge demand seamlessly, bouncing around with huge smiles and taking great pleasure and pride in serving the salivating masses. All round, can you have a better Monday night?

Patty Pitt